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Friday, 2 October 2015

WIT mama Friday: bedtime stories

I love reading Greta a bedtime story, it's actually one of my favourite times of the day, I love to get into bed with her and despite her constant interruptions ("Why mummy? Why has the dog broke the bed? Why mummy? Why has the kitten lost it's mummy!?), I think it's a lovely moment that I hope she will treasure forever.

Now there is a but - boy can it get boring when you are reading the same story over and over again! I always get so excited when she gets given a new book and I really think a book is the best gift she can receive. So, hoping to give you a little inspiration and to get plenty more back from you, here are 5 of our favourite bedtime stories to date. Please let me know what your kids favourite bedtime stories are, I am always in search of new and fun adventures!

"Yummy Scrummy Day"
Greta loves food, in this story Belle and Boo go the orchard and then cook up a feast in Belle's super sweet kitchen. Greta never bores of this sweet story I also think it has to do with the fact that she has a bunny obsession!

"Princess Penelope and the Runaway Kitten"
This book has an interactive element that Greta loves. Her kitten gets tangled in a woolen thread made of pink glitter that children can follow with their finger on each page.  I love that Penelope is a princess that lives in an unusually modern house and that it's actually not 'Princessy" at all!

"No Such Thing"
At first I didn't think Greta would get the quirkiness of this book but now at the age of 3 she is actually fascinated by all things a little bit spooky. There are (friendly) little ghosts and Halloween references throughout and Greta loves spotting the ghosts hidden on each page.

"That's my Hat"
Greta and I both LOVE this pop up book, it's an incredible work of art! It's the story of a littlegirl who looses her hat stolen by a monkey who then proceeds to hide in the most wonderful settings. Greta love sto spot the hat and there's so much to look at on each page it's a feast for the eyes. 

"Best Bedtime Stories Ever"
I remember my grandmotehr reading me Richard Scarry's stories - they are all a little bit silly an unusual, so much so that I don't thing I get them but Greta adores them! This is a collection of some of his best ones, with the usual charachetre such as Mummy Cat and her seven kittens, Lowly the worm and Mr. Frumble.

PS. A little note - as I'm only posting 3 times a week these days I will cut back on WIT mama Friday on the first Friday of every month. See you Friday November the 6th for the next instalment!

WIT mama Friday: child-free girls weekend

I'm off to Ibiza on an all girls trip this weekend ... I won't brag as I realise I'm leaving behind horrid weather in the UK so just a little packing post of what's made it into my carry on trolley in case you need some inspiration/ practical advice for a weekend away! Most mums will know the feeling: a mixture of total happiness of leaving everything mum-related behind and terrible sadness to leave your Saturday morning 7am wake up call at home ;-)

Three days and three nights:
Friday/Saturday/Sunday + Travel outfit

Lingerie + Nightwear
3 pieces of swimwear
2 beach dresses
2 evening dresses
1 pair of sandals
1 pair of espadrilles
1 denim jacket
1 large scarf 
1 pair of sunglasses
1 small jewellery pouch
Beauty case + Make up 
Travel outfit: jeans, stripe top, espadrilles, lightweight jacket + handbag

Simiilar things to what I've packed:

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Knitwear obsession (no, literally)

I have to admit that last season I bought quite a few new jumpers, from Acne to J.Crew I went on a little crazy shopping spree but it has to be said, in the winter it's all I wear. This season my obsession for knitwear has extended past the jumper and I'm now on a  shopping frenzy for everything from skirts, to dresses and "coatigans". I was lucky enough to be able to choose an outfit from  (1 and 2) Whistles prior to LFW and have been hoping for a cold enough day to wear this ensamble of tubular skirt and open sided sweater. But also, I was on a shoot on Monday and fell in love with this (4) By Malene Birger jacket that is actually a knitted cardigan, and then of course is the (5) Eileen Fischer black wool skirt I wore to our Wardrobe ICONS event in September.  Thought I would flag the lot and here's what I'm wearing today for a day in the office! Oh - and I've just added this (3) Isabel Marant scarf to my Christmas wish list...

Monday, 28 September 2015

The all white look

Topshop shoe and culottes, J.Crew shoes, Chloe bag

I wore all white to London Fashion week last season and have been hooked ever since. I don't know why white and cream are mainly regarded as summer colours, I think they look amazing in the winter too, it's like getting an instant face glow! However, I think it's important to wear winter whites the winter way, so cosy knits and lots of layers. So today I'm wearing my new Topshop culottes (that are of a great, heavy fabric with a gorgeous pleat on the side that makes them look like a billowy midi skirt) and super chunky cable knit that everyone thinks it's Stella McCartney!

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

New season, new coat: the cape

In my mind a coat cupboard should contain one of each of the great classics: the tailored grey coat, the forever camel wrap coat, the weekend jacket, the prefect parka and so the list goes. I've spent the past years slowly and gradually building this capsule wardrobe and ticking off my list of essentials, and this year I decided I was going to invest on a cape. A cape was high on my list of priorities because I don't really own a smart coat - also, I don't really ever know what to wear as a cover up over an evening dress and despite loving a bit of high/low mix, sometimes you just need a smart coat. 

Stella McCartney number from Luisa Via Roma.

After much research I fell in love with this Stella McCartney number from Luisa Via Roma. It's an investment, but I decided a few years ago I wasn't going to buy any more cheap coats - would rather buy one every two years!

Stella McCartney number from Luisa Via Roma
I think it makes the perfect evening coat for three reasons: it's doesn't interfere with your clothes (or at least not this style), you can graciously hold a clutch, and it's a real coat (75% wool) so it keeps you warm, not like using a shawl as a cover up! So there it goes, my new addition to the perfectly functioning coat closet worn today over jeans and heels. Turns out work for the day too! 

Stella McCartney wool cape £965
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