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Monday, 1 September 2014

How to wear tomato red

Before leaving Red I filmed a few videos for www.redonline.co.uk that will run in the next few months to go with my magazine edit (my last issue was the September issue... grab it before it goes!) and the first trend up is one of my favourites: tomato red. 

I have a red Zara coat that I bought years ago that I still love and take out every winter. I also like to clash red with a deep burgundy and of course it looks amazing with soft greys, leopard print and denim. It an easy colour to incorporate in your wardrobe, nonetheless because you can always just wear a coat of red lipstick, my all time favourite (and the one I'm wearing in the video) is Nars Red Square. 

Hope you enjoy this clip!

From the video I'm definitely buying the Lace dress from Hobbs (£399 Hobbs coming soon!) but if you prefer something cheaper Marks and Spencers have a great alternative.

Lace dress £59.00 Marks and Spencer

Marni Glossed-leather shoulder bag £620

Red suede courts £100 Kurt Geiger

Vanessa Bruno Bamako Crepe Mini Skirt £275

Nars Red Square £18

Cashmere sweater £140 Iris and Ink

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

A personal invitation for you from me and J.Crew. X

The last event back in May was such fun that the team at J.Crew and I thought we had to repeat it, and this time it will be bigger and even better! 

Join me on Tuesday the 9th of September between 6 and 8pm at the brand new Sloane Street store in London for an evening full of celebrations and surprises. Bring your partners along and shop before the crowds in the women's and men's department. 

RSVP today at rsvp.uk@jcrew.com to get your names on the guest list. 

I'm so excited to see you all again and hopefully meet even more of you this time!

Laura x

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Come shopping with me in Djerba!

It's my last day in Tunisia before heading back to the UK and the winter ahead, so for this last #witholiday post from the summer I thought would leave you with a little photo diary of a recent shopping trip to the market in Djerba. Here in Tunisia pottery is beautiful and super colorful, then there are lots of antique shops that sell all sorts of knicknacks and obviously my favourite hand made basket bags in all shapes and sizes - I bought a stack to use as party bags at Greta's upcoming birthday party, I keep all of Greta's bows in one. Here is what I bought for myself (basket bags) and my friends (more basket bags!), plus some little antique finds things for my new home and lots of "Futa" the local textiles that I use as sarongs, beach towels, bed spreads and even picnic baskets.

See you back in London!


Monday, 25 August 2014

The black bikini from Eres

I have often thought that I could probably survive a beach holiday with little more than a selection of black bikinis. Here in Tunisia I've been wearing my two favourite ones from Melissa Odabash (strapless with a gold disc at the front and on the briefs), and from Heidi Klein (with straps in photo above) - it's just one of those timeless pieces that is so worth investing in. My sister was given by her boyfriend an Eres one piece for her birthday, and on this holiday I've been admiring it every day.  She looks amazing in it and the quality of the fabric feels so thick and expensive (matte not shiny!), it looks like the sort of thing that will last for ever. And then comes the cut, it's just so well cut: it sucks you in in all the right places, holds you in like it's a little piece of beach couture.. how's this possible with so little material? Well it just is and probably explains why an Eres bikini or swimsuit is so expensive. So next year I've decided I'm going to invest in an Eres black something - cost per wear it's definitely worth the price tag. I have my eye on this one...

Eres Les Essentiels Show bandeau bikini top £155 and matching briefs £90

Thursday, 21 August 2014

WIT mama Friday: Greta's trolley sweep

I told you that I didn't just shop for myself on my now infamous trolley sweep at Marks and Spencers... I got Greta a whole lot of things for this year and quite a few for next year too! I was so impressed with the selection, they had this gorgeous white tunic with neon embroidery (perfect for our Tunisia trip) that looked like Stella McCartney Kids, the perefct shade of dusty pink little pleated top, glitter shoes, retro print skirts... I went crazy!  

The good news is most of the things I got her two weeks ago are now on sale, the bad news is that they are going quick - so get them before anyone else does.  I didn't link the page to the product because I was afraid it would be sold out so just go in the girls and baby section and look for your favourites: Marks and Spencer Kids

Happy WIT mama Friday on a budget!

All available from Marks and Spencer Kids


I'm so excited to announce that WIT will be celebrating an exciting new opening with J.Crew on Tuesday the 9th September from 6 to 8pm… 

Please save the date and this time bring your partners too!

More details coming soon and so looking forward to seeing you all again.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Beach cover up alert

Indigo Collection embroidered tunic , vintage sandals, basket bag from the local market, Ray Bans
On my Marks and Spencers raid a few weeks ago I got a few things for mine and Greta's Tunsian holiday too (I will show you some of Greta's on the next WIT mama Friday) and this little dress was one of them. It's from their Indigo Collection range which is a little younger, cooler and with a bit of a boho vibe. 

It's the sort of thing that you pack on holiday and end up wearing all the time. It's a little bit Isabel Marant in the cut with long sleeves and a drop waist skirt. I've been wearing it as a beach cover up with my grandmothers turquoise sandals and a local basket, but also dressed  up with a metallic flat and a few long layered necklaces at night. It's just been another cheap and cheerful buy that makes me happy every time I wear it!

Indigo Collection embroidered tunic £39.50 Marks and Spencer

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

What I wore last night

Coast dress, Accessorize bag, vintage sandals
I've just said there isn't much to do in Djerba but a dinner out called for a little dress up time! I pulled out my Coast dress that I bought at the beginning of the summer and paired it with a beaded Accessorize bag, my grandmother's turquoise sandals and a neon pink lip (Nars Schiap). No matter where I go I always like to pack something a little bit special so that if the occasion presents itself I have something that makes me feel dressed up. On holiday, a little white dress is always a great item!

Monday, 18 August 2014

Tunisian inspired buys

Isabel Marant Etoile caftan, Russell and Bromley flats, Marks and Spencers bag, Ray Bans
I know what you are thinking: "She's on holiday again!" but my Dad happens to live and have a business in Tunisia (www.djerbacharme.com) so if I want to see this side of the family... I have to go on holiday! Djerba is a small island off the coast of Tunisia, it is light years behind compared to European standards and it's one of the few places I am forced to do very little at all. I come here for family time, go to the beach, hang out with my sisters and nephew and do the occasional trip to the souk where I stock up on the local sarongs and hand woven raffia basket bags. I always pack very low key suitcase of linen caftans, sun dresses and sarongs but I'm always so inspired by fabrics and patterns here that I thought I would do a little Tunisian-inspired mood board of fabulous buys..

1) Top Shop dress £15
2) Top Shop scarf £18
3) Rachel Roy Evil Eye Drop Earrings £28.00
4) J.Crew tunic £64
5) LemLem Samara striped cotton-blend gauze pareo £135
6) Antik Batik Jango embroidered cotton clutch £95
7) ASOS espadrilles £10

Friday, 15 August 2014

WIT mama Friday: the ultimate investment buy.. The WALTON from Anya Hindmarch

OK I've done something naughty but hear me out before you judge me. I've been wanting Anya Hindmarch's weekend bag called  The Walton forever, but I think it has a ridiculous price tag (it's not even entirely made of leather), and yes it's custom made but you haven't actually got that much choice (just 4 colour ways) and all they do is stitch three letters to the front. Nevertheless..... it's gorgeous and I love it and I had to have it, so I found a way around buying this and any other unjustifiable and ridiculous buys like this one in the future...

This is how I do it: I sell my old/unwanted clothes, save up (in a separate account) until I've made every pence to go towards my new buy, you have to be really strict and it doesn't matter how long it takes you are not allowed to pay for it any other way. This way it's like trading in the old for the new! Genius. And I was going to make it even more of a forever buy because it wouldn't have my initials on it, but Greta's. This way she gets to inherit something beautiful when she is a grown-up and I get to carry all her stuff around stylishly!

So for the past year I've been signed up with Vestiaire Collective concierge service (that is brilliant because even though they take quite a big cut they do all the work for you including photographing everything, stocking it, replying to questions and sending it to your buyer - priceless) to sell all my unwanted dresses, shoes, jewellery and bags. I've become ruthless and I actually kind of love owning less stuff. It took me just under a year to save up but it's now kind of extra special for it...

And so go it goes the day in May I decided to make a sneaky trip to Anya on Bond Street and design Greta's hand luggage...

At the Bond Street store inspecting size and weight...

Should I go for navy, red or tan trim? Mix up colours or keep it tonal?
Sweet details: you can have a message printed on the key holder in your own hand writing.

And you can have your name engraved across the top in gold letters

I decide to have Greta Zita spelled across the top

Now for colours - red, corn flower blue, tan or orange? I decide for a tomato red, she will love it forever.

I think I like the version where letters and trims are all the same colour and then we proceed to filling in the form...

 ...and I decide for a simple GZ initials at the front.

It takes 2 months for your bag to get made (in Italy). I picked mine up last week just in time for our family trip to Tunisia. When I got back home I was so excited I showed Greta with great anticipation and to my surprise she said: "Waaaw!"... I knew she would love it ;-)
For more info about The Walton visit the Anya Hindmarch website