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Monday, 1 February 2016

WIT Baby moon

I've been packing for warmer climates as I prepared to take some time off before my baby comes and I can't fly anymore, so WIT won't be back until Friday the 12th of February. A full round up of my family trip when I'm back, but in the mean time come and see what I'm up to on my IG account and don't forget to check Wardrobe ICONS and our brand new issue of The ICONS Update tomorrow as I reveal wha I've packed in my suitcase.
See you on Friday the 12th of February with a very special post and asking you to save the date for something lovely... x

Thursday, 28 January 2016

WIT mama Friday: the only maternity jeans you need

First time around, I was pregnant in the summer so I got away with lots of pretty dresses and sandals. This time around I've started to show in the depths of winter I've been forced to rethink my wardrobe quite drastically. I find it impossible to look particularly good in layers covering a bump, so early on I made the executive decision that this pregnancy was just going to be a "practical" one on the clothes front. On my list were jeans, good bras, long sleeve T-shirts and then I could just wear my oversize jumpers with the lot, also I was determined not to spend a fortune. I went to Topshop and tried on all the different maternity jeans they had and bought two pairs of jeans to take me through the winter. For every day I bought the 'Over The Bump Leigh Jeans': they are essentially a pair of leggings, super comfortable and with an over-the-bump band. 


For my "cooler" days I got the 'Jamie Ripped Jean' - with cut off knees and to which I've cut the bottoms to make them perfect to be worn with flats. They have a low slung, elasticated band and are better to be worn with T-shirts and blouses because you don't get the over-the-bump effect. 


They are both really comfy and come at a reasonable price, I probably prefer the over the bump style a little more because it doesn't rise down but the ripped pair is a little cooler and looks great with a pair of heels. I suggest upping a size, so if you are usually an 8 go for a 10. This is what you will mostly see me wearing in the next couple of months - I promise I will go crazy once bump is out!

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Come with me to the Bonpoint show in Paris

Reporting from Paris, this week we are doing a WIT mama Friday on a Wednesday as I invite to to come and join me to watch the Bonpoint Winter 2016 show live from your computers here on WIT.

All you have to do is log on to www.wearingittoday.co.uk shortly before 4.30PM CET, sit back and enjoy the defile as it unfolds! Don't forget to try and spot me amongst the crowd and you can also come on Instagram (@WITblog) to see what I'm up to here in Paris.

This is the start of a bit of a journey together between WIT and Bonpoint (can't reveal too much yet!) but I hope you can join me in this first adventure soon culminating is something very special for all WIT mama Friday readers.

See you at 4.30!

Laura x

Monday, 25 January 2016

The comfort of an oversize jumper

Mango sunglasses, Acne jumper, Isabel Marant Etoile scarf, Joseph leggings, LK Bennett shoes, YSL bag
Very quick one today as I get ready for a beyond busy week this week. As of tomorrow I'm taking you with me to Paris fr 48hours and towards the end of the week we shall be packing for warmer climates together. This jumper is keeping me warm on this sunny but cold day in London and what a brilliant buy it was from last season - totally addicted to Acne jumpers since + resuscitating and old handbag favourite, do you remember the YSL Muse!? It was my first ever designer bag I bought with my first paid job as an assistant.   Happy Monday to everyone!

Friday, 22 January 2016

WIT mama Friday: the mum-on-the-run friendly boot

Topshop jeans, Joseph gilet, Bally bag, Isabel Marant Etoile boots

I know I've been going on about sheepskin boots for a while now, (including in last week's issue of The ICONS Update), but the thing is every time I buy something that I get lots of wear out pf I feel like I really really need to let you know.

The thing is I've been looking for an acceptable form of Ugg boot for years now, but nothing ever meets the warm and comfort that that shoe can give me. Despite this, I would never want to be seen wearing them, they are sort of clunky and and make my fee look huge, plus let's face it they are not very chic.

The solution to all my winter boots problems have been these Isabel Marant Etoile boots that I got in Florence from Luisa Via Roma before Christmas - they have become my WIT mama Friday official shoes, and in this freezing climate my weekend shoe too.

They come in black suede with a little wrap-around leather detail, rubber soles and sheepskin lining and the great thing is, they are on sale too (40% off!)  - I would suggest getting a size up from your regular size as they lining makes them a might tight. Finally a shoe that keeps me warm in the winter, is park-proof and looks stylish all at the same time.
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